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“ARE YOU GROWING GRASS OR KILLING WEEDS?” Matthew 13:24-30;  36-43 June 21, 2020     Minneapolis pastor Leith Anderson tells of calling ChemLawn to take care of his suburban weed-infested lawn, only to have  them reject his lawn as a client because it was so bad.  One member of his church volunteered to totally remove […]



THE FOUR Rs Matthew 13:1-9;  18-23 June 14, 2020     In the so-called “good old days”—whatever and whenever those were—public schools used to boast that they taught the ‘3-Rs’ – “reading, ‘riting’, and ‘rithmetic—all to the tune of a hickory stick.”   Had a ministry friend who lived in Beckley, WV (southeast WV), and […]


SLEEP LOOSE Matthew 28:16-20 Trinity Sunday June 7, 2020     Curbside check-in has changed everything.  I mean, in terms of leave-taking, good-byes, final closures and well-wishes at partings.  Now there is rarely time to get the traveler and his or her luggage out of the car before other vehicles are honking at you for […]


FIELDS OF DREAMS Acts 2:1-21 May 31, 2020 Pentecost Sunday     Pentecost, (from the Greek word for “Fiftieth”), is the fiftieth day after Easter season.  Next week is Trinity Sunday, and then nearly six months of what the Church calls “Ordinary Time” begins.  From ten thousand feet, the Christian Year appears divided almost in […]


eHOWHOPE 1 Peter 3:13-22 May 24, 2020     Want to know how to cut an onion without crying?  Wondering how to arrange marching band music, audition for Survivor, bathe a guinea pig, or cook couscous?  Pondering how you might get a clue, be happy, be successful at home and work, or be a better […]


WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER I Peter 2:2-10 May 17, 2020     This passage from I Peter is so full of good stuff.  It’s memorable; one of my favorite passages in all of the Bible. From this passage we learn from the Lord about the Church.  First off, the individual Christian is likened to […]


PARACHUTE PEOPLE I Peter 1:17-23 May 10, 2020     On a clear spring day, near an airport north of Madison, WI, Alan Klapmeier almost met his Maker.  He was taking an advanced flying lesson, with an instructor sitting right next to him, when his plane suddenly collided with another one.  Klapmeier’s wing sliced through […]


KEEP YOUR FORK 1 Peter 1:3-9 May 3, 2020     A friend writes: “Last year I hoped that the Orioles would make it to the World Series.  They didn’t.   “I also hoped that my investments would do well enough to sustain dreams of early retirement.  They didn’t.   “I occasionally hope that creative […]



G.O.D. Psalm 91:1,2; 9-16 Luke 24: April 26, 2020         So, where does God live?  Would you believe me if I said, “Kearny, New Jersey?”   That’s what you might think if you drove by a certain trucking terminal in that city – until 2004, at least, when the company ceased operations.  […]



I MIND John 20:19-31 April 19, 2020     It seems like Easter is long gone, doesn’t it? – yet it‘s only a week past.  Some part of that is this social distancing, and sheltering in place, where we just stay at home and one day seems like another.  Used to be, we’d have meetings […]